Writing articles for school newspaper censorship

The Offensive Publications Act was New Zealand's first censorship legislation Customs was regulating the importation of indecent material into New Zealand as early asbut the first censorship legislation was not enacted until The Offensive Publications Act banned any picture or printed or written matter which was of an indecent, immoral, or obscene nature, which included advertisements relating to such matters as venereal disease.

Writing articles for school newspaper censorship

Dana Huff 4 Comments According to the Seattle TimesShorewood High School in Shoreline, Washington recently shredded remaining copies of the student literary magazine and reprinted it minus a poem with an offensive expletive in the title. Here is the poem, as reprinted by the Times: The administration decided to censor the articles, and the students fought the decision, as the expression goes, all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Court decided in favor of the district: The Court decided that Spectrum was part of the school curriculum and school administrators could control its content. Rubin, an attorney who specializes in school law: By excising the poem, the school is not prohibiting the student from publishing her work elsewhere.

And frankly, deciding what to publish is a right exercised by every publishing company in America — yet no one complains about not being given a voice if their work is denied publication by one house.

writing articles for school newspaper censorship

They simply submit the work to another house. I believe students should have access to reading material without censorship. In my opinion, the school district needs to consistently enforce its own rules about censorship, which the article implies it has not done, and the magazine advisor should have used, well, a little bit of common sense.

Cissy Lacks, a year veteran teacher was fired from the Ferguson Florissant School District in Missouri for allowing students to use expletives in dialogue written for drama exercises. She was ordered reinstated by a jury, but her school district appealed, and her reinstatement was overturned.

The Supreme Court refused to hear her case. Considering the precedent the Cissy Lacks case established, Steve Kelly is fortunate.Last year, I wrote an article about censorship in schools for my own school newspaper after witnessing countless great ideas shot down because they were considered to be "too controversial.".

Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum & Boyhood Home SE 4th Street Abilene, KS or RING IKE. [email protected] Last year, I wrote an article about censorship in schools for my own school newspaper after witnessing countless great ideas shot down because they were considered to .

The issue is school newspaper censorship in public schools. Private school are a completely different issue, so let's leave that for another time.

My opinion: School newspapers should not be censored based on personal opinion, unless they threaten safety, if it is libelous, or extreme slander. Burton approved two articles this school year on sensitive topics, including one on Molly, an increasingly popular club drug that is a form of the drug ecstasy, and another on transgender students.

History of censorship in New Zealand. The history of censorship in New Zealand starts early in the 20th Century and involves several different government agencies and a variety of mediums.

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