Write a web application to send email with attachment linux

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Write a web application to send email with attachment linux

Linux CommandsMail Services mailmuttsendmailssmtptelnet We all know the importance of emails these days for information transfer. There are many free emails service providers which we used for use like Gmail, Yahoo, RediffMail etc, which provides a web interface for sending and receiving emails.

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But this is not enough, sometimes we also required to send emails from system command line. This tutorial will provide you the ways to send emails from Linux command line.

This is useful for sending email through our shell scripts, cron jobs etc.

write a web application to send email with attachment linux

There are various ways to send emails from the command line but here I am sharing few options used by most users. You can use anyone option given below to send email from Linux command line.

write a web application to send email with attachment linux

Sendmail allows sending email from command line. Create a file using following content. Now send email using the following command. Use few of below examples to send an email.

Also, you can send the email with an attachment.

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Mutt command is little similar to mail command. Use few of below examples to send email. Now type your subject of the email as below with keyword Subject. Below is an example of email sending.

Red marked text is the user input and remaining is the responses of that commands.Send a fax from your computer – PC to Fax. If you want to send a fax from your computer “PC to Fax” you need to look at the Web2Fax app from FaxWorx. The Web2Fax app is an online application and only requires an active internet connection to work.

Even after all these years, no one has yet dethroned Microsoft Word from its kingly position.

5 Ways to Send Email From Linux Command Line | TecAdmin

Sure, a few alternatives have been playing a great game of catch-up and innovation, but there’s no doubt about it — Word is still the best.

I've created a script that runs every night on my Linux server that uses mysqldump to back up each of my MySQL databases heartoftexashop.com files and packages them together as a heartoftexashop.com file. The next step I want to accomplish is to send that tar file through email to a remote email server for safekeeping.

This article provides detailed information on how to send Email using C# in a step by step procedure. Although there are many articles on the web providing the same info, many of them left out some interesting concepts untouched.

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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform; Red Hat JBoss Data Grid; Red Hat JBoss Web Server; For sending attachments in RHEL 5, see: How to attach a file to an email using command line in RHEL 5? Root Cause.

There was a package change between RHEL 5 & RHEL 6. RHEL 5 had bsd-mailx & RHEL 6 has Heirloom mailx. You have the chance to win invaluable experience with internationally recognised organisations.

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