Women should have the chance to choose between career and family

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Women should have the chance to choose between career and family

Background[ edit ] Sex ratio at birth in mainland China, males per females, The one-child policy Family Planning Program and sex-selective abortions in China have caused a growing disproportion in the country's gender balance.

But girls with an average or ugly appearance will find it difficult" and "These girls hope to further their education in order to increase their competitiveness. The tragedy is, they don't realise that as women age, they are worth less and less.

So by the time they get their MA or PhDthey are already old — like yellowed pearls. The National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China NBS and state census figures reported approximately 1 in 5 women between the age of remain unmarried.

So if you are a leftover woman, you are A-quality. China, and many other Asian countries, share a long history of conservative and patriarchal view of marriage and the family structure including marrying at a young age and hypergamy.

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And my parents would also feel they were totally losing face, when their friends all have grandkids already". A report by CNN cited a survey of female university graduates across 17 Chinese universities where approximately 70 percent of those surveyed said "their greatest fear is becoming a 3S lady".

Without women such as her, though, the mainland will be left with not only a weaker economy, but an even greater pool of frustrated leftover men.


Discuss Proposed since November Reaction[ edit ] Powerful figures of modern day China have publicly expressed their irritation towards the growing feminist movement in their male-dominated society. Five Women in Beijing were also arrested and sent to a detention center by the Public Security Bureau for handing out the feminist sticker.

Sexism in China[ edit ] Main article: In male-dominated areas such as technology and construction, one of the requirements needed to get the job may actually require the applicant to be a male.

The contrary may also occur where women have to fit certain physical features in order to get a job, such as salespeople. Many companies in China require a picture of the applicant with their job application to make sure that they hire the most attractive people they can.

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Companies believe that they are making themselves look good by doing so. Ina woman named Cao Ju was refused a job in the private tutoring firm Juren in Beijing based on the fact that she was a woman.

Singapore is noted to have gone through a similar period. By the late s, the birth rate had fallen so low that Lee's successor Goh Chok Tong extended these incentives to all married women, and gave even more incentives, such as the 'baby bonus' scheme. The term spinster was used to describe unmarried or single women of a marriageable age.

Catherine's hair", meaning "to remain an old maid" is also associated with this tradition.To maintain their advantage over men, women today are dedicating themselves to their education and career. Western women, in particular, have been so thoroughly sold on the idea of status and consumerist orgy that they are no longer interested in relationships.

And for it to be genuinely accepted that women can have it all – a career and a family life. Jane Scott Paul is the chief executive of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Women should have the chance to choose between career and family

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These days women can make an astonishing career and work in every area they like. But building a career and being entirely devoted to one's .

Women should have the chance to choose between career and family

In a relationship, men want sex and women want attention. Some men give attention knowing they won’t get much sex, and some women give sex knowing they won’t get the full attention they crave.

•Boomer Women and Affluence – One huge, affluent segment wields more spending clout than any other: Baby-Boomer women. Born between and , these women represent a portion of the buying public no marketer can afford to ignore.

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