Tweeting towards reelection essay

One early morning, at age five, he stealthily managed to leave home unnoticed. Hours later after a thorough investigation of the neighborhood and countless conversations with neighbors my mother and I desperately decided to check back home. Suddenly we were joyed to see Nathan safely in the arms of a police officer.

Tweeting towards reelection essay

Tweeting towards reelection essay

Contact Political Campaign Tweets: Remember, the great thing about social media sites like Twitter is that they help candidates save money, time and effort by replacing traditional communication tools such as letter and newsletter mailings, email updates and even phone calls.

While all of these should still play a role in your political campaign, Twitter, Facebook and other Internet social media tools allow you to communicate with your voter base more frequently if used correctly.

Other Twitter users can subscribe to your account and keep updated about what you are currently doing whenever you post a tweet. Twitter is much easier to use than Facebook, and many people post tweets right from their mobile or cell phones since a tweet can only be characters or less, it is perfect to post via text messages.

Also, remember that it is possible to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts, too—if you want, you can set it so that all of your Tweets are automatically posted on Facebook, as well, which makes updating easier. If followers is interested enough in you as a candidate to subscribe to your campaign tweets, then even a list of a few dozen fans can help out.

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There are lots of fun things about Twitter that you simply have to experience yourself, so I encourage you to take a couple of seconds to go start a free account and send out some tweets. Take a look at what other people are tweeting about, subscribe to their tweets, and interact a bit with them.

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Twitter a big winner in presidential election tweeting about casting a vote and commenting on a viral video of a malfunctioning voting machine. Thomas, Benjamin Platt.

Tweeting towards reelection essay

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Post election: what you're tweeting about