Titmuss essays on the welfare state

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Titmuss essays on the welfare state

Biography[ edit ] Titmuss was born inthe second child of a farmer; he was brought up in the countryside and left school at 14 with no formal qualifications.

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An autodidacthe worked for a large insurance company as an actuary for 16 years whilst simultaneously pursuing an interest in social topics through reading, debating and writing.

In he published Poverty and Population, which focused on the regional differences between the North and South. Inhe published Our Food Problem. Around this time, Titmuss was also active in the British Eugenics Society. Inhe was recruited to write a volume in the civil series of the official war historyProblems of Social Policy, a work which established his reputation as well as securing him the new chair at the London School of Economics.

In this process, he was strongly supported by the sociologist T. At the LSE, where he was the first professor of Social Administration, he transformed the teaching of social work and social workers and established Social Policy as an academic discipline.

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He also contributed to a number of government committees on the health service and social policy. His concerns focused especially on issues of social justice. His final and perhaps the most important book, The Gift Relationship expressed his own philosophy of altruism in social and health policy and, like much of his work, emphasized his preference for the values of public service over private or commercial forms of care.

The book was influential and resulted in a study of the blood bank systems, specifically with regard to regulation on the private blood market exchange. President Nixon called for a complete study of the lack of coordination within the system only months following publication of Titmuss' findings.

Titmuss essays on the welfare state

For example, he was much criticised for his role as a vice-chairman of the government's Supplementary Benefits Commission which some critics felt did not allow him enough distance.

He, by contrast argued in favour of trying to make inadequate institutions work better for the benefit of the poor even if his involvement with them had the potential to sully the purity of his reputation. He held his chair fromafter brief spells in the Cabinet Office and the Social Medicine Research Unituntil his death in Influence[ edit ] Some of his works are still read and some have been re-printed in newly edited forms exploring their contemporary relevance.

Many of the writings for which he is known were actually delivered as lectures at the LSE or when he was a much sought-after public speaker. Although several of these were later assembled as 'readers' or 'essays', he never completed a summary of his work or philosophy nor wrote a single magnum opus on social policy.

Consequently there remains some confusion in secondary literature on his precise perspective on key issues, either of sociology or public policy. Like Titmuss, its current holder, Professor Julian Le Grand has been a government adviser on health policy.

However, his emphasis on the potential for the private or quasi markets within the NHS differs markedly from that of Titmuss who strongly believed in the state and universal services that were allocated exclusively on the basis of needs instead of income or prestige.

He married Kathleen "Kay" Miller, a social worker. Their only daughter, Ann Oakleyhas edited some of his works for recent re-publication, and has written a biography of her parents, Man and Wife: Richard and Kay Titmuss:JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

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