Thesis on aids and human rights

Links Introduction HIV continues to spread throughout the world, shadowed by increasing challenges to human rights, at both national and global levels. The virus continues to be marked by discrimination against population groups: These issues are grave, and almost 20 years into the epidemic, they have not been resolved. In some ways, the situation has become even more complicated, as old issues appear in new places or present themselves in new or different ways.

Thesis on aids and human rights

Thesis on aids and human rights

Key among these HIV origin theories is the so called "cut hunter theory" in which a human, allegedly African native, received a bloody wound or infected splash while preparing a chimpanzee carrying a similar virus i.

The most highly respected scientists and academicians debated the possibility that HIV-1, the most widespread and deadly human AIDS virus, evolved from accidental vaccine contaminations and subsequent transmissions to mostly African villagers.

The oral polio vaccine OPV received the focus of interest here since that vaccine was partially derived from growing live polio viruses in monkey kidney cells that have historically proven to be contaminated with cancer viruses such as SV40 -- the 40th monkey virus ever discovered.

This virus, like HIV-1, is currently linked by medical scientists to widespread human cancers. Suspiciously neglected, this vaccine was produced in chimpanzees during pilot testing conducted in New York City, among gay men, and Central African villagers between and This was precisely timed for the emergence of AIDS in these exact, demographically distinct, communities by the late s.

The fact that this fact was neglected proves shoddy science or gross negligence at best. Gerald Myers, reported with his colleagues that the origin of HIV could not have begun with "cut hunters" or other single isolated cross species transmissions called "zoonosis". He reported that genetic sequencing studies prove some "punctuated origin of AIDS event" took place during the mids giving rise, virtually simultaneously, to at least ten different HIV "clades" or genetic subtypes associated with ten different distinguishable AIDS epidemics in Africa alone.

The most likely cause of this widespread bizarre zoonosis was some man-made i. Myers and his colleagues offered the following best explanation for the origin of HIV: The number of animals required is secondary to the extent of variation in the source at the time of the zoonotic or iatrogenic event.

The [vaccine] hypothesis makes a case for such a punctuated origin. The origin of acquired immune deficiency syndrome: So if chimpanzees were not used to make the polio vaccine, and therefore the origin of HIV and AIDS did not come from this vaccine nor time period s-early sthen what other vaccine, given during the early to mid s, might have used one or more SIVcpz-infected chimpanzees in the manufacturing process?

The answer to this question was singularly advanced by a Harvard-degreed independent investigator, Dr. Leonard Horowitz in the award winning book Emerging Viruses: Tetrahedron Press, ; ; http: Horowitz unearthed and reprinted stunning scientific documents and National Institutes of Health contracts proving that chimpanzees, contaminated with numerous viruses, were used to produce hundreds of hepatitis B vaccine doses administered to central African Blacks along with homosexual men in New York City at precisely the time Dr.

Myers and colleagues claim the origin of HIV "punctuated event" occurred. Unfortunately, as another Royal Society conference presenter, Dr. Julian Cribb, protested, too little attention is given by drug-industry-influenced medical journals, and the mainstream media, to controversial truths in science regarding the origin of HIV and AIDS.

Lond B As a result, documents such as those published by Dr. Horowitz, and others, showing AIDS apparently derives from contaminated hepatitis B vaccines, have never received adequate attention.

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Culture, Abstinence, and Human rights: Zulu Use of Virginity Testing in South Africa‟s Battle against AIDS Carolyn Rumsey Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for MA Degree in International Development and Globalization.

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Thesis on aids and human rights

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Human Rights and HIV/AIDS