The baltimore riots and the death of freddie gray

People went to church and people looted.

The baltimore riots and the death of freddie gray

The baltimore riots and the death of freddie gray

In fact, the year-old is a retired Baltimore Police Department sergeant. So here we go. Though he has called out law enforcement in Baltimore and across the U. It was like one of those things. The driving motivation was the power and the thrill of it, and doing something exciting.

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Wood started speaking out during his last few years on the job. They won't even read the science behind it. And they're testifying in court as narcotics experts!

He eventually got kicked out of the Facebook group. Wood also drew ire from the department for an extracurricular project.

In his off time, he wrote a page professional guide for aspiring sergeants and lieutenants. Along with managerial tips, the guide discussed respectful interaction with civilians—including those with cameras.

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He said he was pushed into a job in the supply unit as punishment for writing the guide. The Baltimore Police Department has not yet responded to a request for comment from Newsweek. Wood says police reform is taking place.

Promises, however, have fallen short. And the pace has been too slow. He believes, however, that reformers will win out in the long run.

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How they accomplish their goal, however, might not sit well with some. Ultimately this is the right side of history. The people who are resisting are the problem.Riots have erupted in Baltimore following the funeral service for Freddie Gray, who died last week while in Baltimore Police custody.

The main reasons are the subject of endless interpretation.

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Some attribute the increase to more illegal guns, the fallout of the opioid epidemic, or systemic failures like unequal justice and a. The Guardian - Back to home.

Make a Baltimore riots: police delay release of report on Freddie Gray's death – as it happened The report on Freddie Gray’s death will not be made public.

Apr 18,  · Protests began on April 18, the day before Gray’s death, outside of Baltimore’s Western District police station, but it was on April 27, after Gray’s funeral at the New Shiloh Baptist Church in West Baltimore, that widespread rioting and looting began, putting Baltimore at the top of national news.

Baltimore Police Department whistleblower Michael A. Wood Jr., right, with "Walking While Black" producer A.J Ali. Michael A.

Wood, Jr. Monday's riot was the latest flare-up over the mysterious death of Freddie Gray.


Gray was buried Monday at Woodlawn Cemetery in Baltimore. The riots Monday were triggered by an afternoon.

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