Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism magazine

Summary of Literary Journalism. Studying of selected texts look around the ways that literary journalism and related nonfiction modes formulate experience.

Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism magazine

Learning how to rewrite your stories after an editor has edited them is essential. When I read your stories I will make extensive comments on them. You will then rewrite them, often with additional reporting.

Rewrite due Monday, Feb. Stick to the assigned lengths. To help you with this chore, please list the number of words in your story. Also please list all sources of information for your story that are not clearly identified in the body of the story.

This means going beyond your family and your immediate circle of friends, too, not to mention your doctor, your favorite high school teacher, your roommate, etc. It also means that you will generally not be writing stories in the first person.

Moreover, although you may be using the Internet for some background information, the bulk of what is in your stories will not come from online sources, but from direct, in-person reporting. Our class discussions on particular techniques will be akin to story conferences, in which we will use the stories you are actually working on as examples.

Thus you should come prepared each time to give an update on your story. The only other requirement is to choose a published story that exemplifies some aspect of literary journalism and make a brief minute class presentation on it. For this, I ask you to distribute copies of the story ahead of time to everyone in the class.

The first two stories will count about 25 per cent each, the final story about 40 percent. The other 10 percent will be for your presentation on the published story and other class contributions.

Details Stories are due at 10 a. The real world of journalism is a deadline-oriented world, and stories turned in late will be marked down, unless you and I have agreed on a different deadline. Please turn in your story by email OR provide me with one on a disk.

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Stories should be double-spaced, with paragraph indents and without extra spacing between paragraphs. That is, not block style. Although literary journalists use a wide range of techniques, certain standards apply: Spelling, accuracy, grammar are among them.

Questions about style should be resolved with the Associated Press Stylebook available at the Bookstore or in the reference section of the Law Library.We will also discuss the techniques of reporting for literary journalism, interviewing, story organization, word choice, self-editing, invasion of privacy, libel, etc.

I will hand out readings at unpredictable points during the quarter, so if you miss a class, check with one of your colleagues or with me. This course is designed for journalists and other writers who want to learn how to use some techniques of literature to tell the true stories of journalism.

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Although the kind of stories that you’ll be writing could be published in several different media, we’ll focus on stories most commonly found in newspapers and magazines, including newspaper Sunday magazines. Specialized Writing and Reporting: Literary Journalism: CommF/F - 5 units The idea is that near the end of the quarter you’ll be spending more time reporting and writing and less time in class.

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Jan. 14 — What is literary journalism? What can it achieve that other forms of journalism cannot? A preeminent space for long form journalism, this residency emphasizes the strengths of thorough and articulate reporting, distinctive storytelling, literary devices, and—as always—captivating writing.

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specialized writing and reporting literary journalism magazine

By on Nov 21, in Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism essay | 0 comments. Literary Journalism is designed for writers seeking a professional development opportunity in a community of peers with the guidance of an experienced writer/editor, as each participant prepares a long form piece (5,,+ words).

specialized writing and reporting literary journalism magazine
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