Short stories about finding true love

All that was holding them back from escaping the camp, was a small piece of rope tied to one of their legs. Curious and wanting to know the answer, he asked a trainer nearby why the elephants were just standing there and never tried to escape. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away.

Short stories about finding true love

I picked it up and looked inside to find some identification so I could call the owner. But the wallet contained only three dollars and a crumpled letter that looked as if it had been in there for years.

The envelope was worn and the only thing that was legible on it was the return address. I started to open the letter, hoping to find some clue. Then I saw the dateline— The letter had been written almost 60 years ago. It was written in a beautiful feminine handwriting on powder blue stationery with a little flower in the left-hand corner.

Even so, she wrote that she would always love him. It was signed, Hannah. It was a beautiful letter, but there was no way except for the name Michael, that the owner could be identified. Maybe if I called information, the operator could find a phone listing for the address on the envelope.

Is there anyway you can tell me if there is a phone number for an address that was on an envelope in the wallet?

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I waited a few minutes and then she was back on the line. We bought this house from a family who had a daughter named Hannah.

But that was 30 years ago! They told me the old lady had passed away some years ago but they did have a phone number for where they thought the daughter might be living. I thanked them and phoned. The woman who answered explained that Hannah herself was now living in a nursing home. This whole thing was stupid, I thought to myself.

Short stories about finding true love

Why was I making such a big deal over finding the owner of a wallet that had only three dollars and a letter that was almost 60 years old? The night nurse and a guard greeted me at the door.

We went up to the third floor of the large building. In the day room, the nurse introduced me to Hannah. She was a sweet, silver-haired oldtimer with a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye.

I told her about finding the wallet and showed her the letter. But I was only 16 at the time and my mother felt I was too young. Oh, he was so handsome.

He looked like Sean Connery, the actor. If you should find him, tell him I think of him often. I spent almost the whole day trying to find the owner of this wallet. I must have found it in the halls at least three times.

He must have lost it on one of his walks. I told her what the guard had said. We went back to the elevator and got on. I prayed that Mr. Goldstein would be up. He likes to read at night.

The nurse went over to him and asked if he had lost his wallet. It must have dropped out of my pocket this afternoon. I want to give you a reward. I read the letter in the hope of finding out who owned the wallet. You know where she is? Is she still as pretty as she was?

I want to call her tomorrow. I was so in love with that girl that when that letter came, my life literally ended.Happily married couples share their journeys to true love, from the first date until they said "I do." Happily married couples share their journeys to true love, from the first date until they said "I do." Explore Food; Home 5 True Love Stories Pinterest.

View All. The story, like other stories about cheating, must > begin at the beginning of the marriage itself. I was 15 when > I met my husband, who was We met because he asked his > sister to invite a friend over to give him some booty.

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5 Real-Life Love Stories. Happily married couples look back on how their relationships began. was smart and very kind. And he had a red convertible. That was big stuff back then.

After a few dates, it grew into true love. Harold: Two years later, in , when I was 25 and Bee was 20, we went to the local courthouse and got married. But we. Happily married couples share their journeys to true love, from the first date until they said "I do." Happily married couples share their journeys to true love, from the first date until they said "I do." Explore.

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5 True Love Stories Pin. More. View All Start. Forty-Four Short Story Ideas Here are lots of short story ideas that you can use as writing prompts. Use these story starters on their own or to get ideas for the CWN online writing'll also find links to more creative writing prompts at the bottom of the page.

12 "How We Met" Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In True Love. Long story short, we were engaged five weeks later and married in March, a year after we met. True Love Lasts Forever.

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