Persuasive speech rubric

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Persuasive speech rubric

C - Works on Standards 3 D - Deficient 1 Attention-getter grabs the audience, creates information hunger. Attention-getter gets audience involved mentally or physically.

Persuasive speech rubric

Attention-getter is present but limited. The solution is too idealistic not realistic and hard to measure The solution was not clearly defined and too difficult for audience to easily decipher Visualization The visualization step was well adapted to the audience and gave them a clear and vivid image of the future; how life would be with this solution The visualization step gave the audience an image of the future that they can work towards.

The visualization was minimal, or had inappropriate material. Conclusion Action Step The action step was excellent given the audience and topic.

The presentation has an effective final appeal. The action step was appropriate given the audience and topic.

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Action step was general and the specific measures the audience would have to take were vague. Final appeal was adequate. Somewhat memorable ending The action step was vague or non-existent. No real sense of closure; audience confused. No impact at ending. More appeals could be used to increase the interest and motivate the audience.

Appeals were non-existent or exaggerated and not backed up with supporting material. Counter Argument, Rebuttal Gives a specific rebuttal using evidence to a counter-argument.

Persuasive speech | Performance Assessment Resource Bank

Gives a specific rebuttal to one counter-argument. Transitions Transitions are artfully used between each section and main point of the speech.

At least one internal summary or preview is used. Transitions are used here and there to aid movement through the speech.

debate grading rubric On the right side of the rubric, please write the number representing what you think was the performance level of the debate team in question for each criterion below. Then calculate the average for each team. persuasive speech is about change, the invitational speech is about creating a greater understanding – something in which one must be proficient before attempting change. Cengage created Assignments and Rubrics. by on in 10 page essay persuasive rubric bharat abhiyan zindagi short essay about eat healthy fit words essay on blessing of science video interesting persuasive speech topics for year 8 worksheets one page essay about football game expository essay about yourself example outline how many pages is a 2 word essay double.

No transitions are used. Information Literacy Uses highly credible supporting material from a variety of sources e.

Uses a mix of highly credible sources and some weaker ones.iRubric F This is a grading rubric for a persuasive public speech based on Monroe's Motivated Sequence, delivered without power point..

Informative Speech Grading Rubric Introduction. persuasive speech assignment Speech is mostly informative Speech is clearly follow a clear or effective pattern of organization Speech clearly uses an appropriate pattern of organization for the topic (e.g., time sequence, spatial relations, topical, etc.) and supports the thesis. Speech Rubric. Speaker’s name: _____ Evaluator: _____ Criterion Rating. Excellent Rating. Good Rating. Satisfactory Rating. Needs Improvement Score Points Points Points Points Introduction (1) Gets attention than 75% of the time Little or no eye contact Use of Language Use of language contributes to effectiveness of the. Persuasive speeches are intended to convince your audience to take action or to effect a change. Write in paragraphs. Each paragraph should relate to and support your thesis. Use specific examples to support your general statements. For the Persuasive Speech, you will be .

Free rubric builder and assessment tools. The Persuasive Speech Assessment Rubric Generator lets can create many different persuasive speech assessment rubrics. To generate a persuasive speech assessment rubric, browse the table below and select the criteria you wish to include in your persuasive speech assessment rubric.

Persuasive Speech Rubric Free Persuasive Speech Rubric template (2 pages) offered by DexForm. More templates are available at Persuasive Speech Examples and Life categories.

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Persuasive Speech Assignment Sheet KEY: You MUST be “partially accomplished” or “effectively accomplished” in ALL areas of the rubric in order to receive a passing grade for this unit.

Peer Evaluation of Persuasive Speeches Keep these directions for the duration of speech presentations. As your classmates present their speeches, you will be required to evaluate HALF of your.

Persuasive speech rubric

This is a grading rubric for a persuasive public speech based on Monroe's Motivated Sequence, delivered without power point.

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