Home school vs boarding school

In areas like Princeton, the options are plentiful.

Home school vs boarding school

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Others are educated differently — in boarding schools away from their families, or in the family home, with their parents acting as educators. These two very different forms of education are different ends of the scale.

So, what are some of the benefits and drawbacks of each form of education? Boarding schools A boarding education is seen by many as the educational gold standard. Many of the most influential people in the country are more likely than not to have been educated at boarding schools such as these.

Taken on face value, it seems that they provide an excellent education, and the exam results of many are excellent — although many are academically selective, so only have pupils expected to do well. Boarding schools generally offer small class sizes and have considerable resources. They are also able to educate their students for much longer than day schools — although students will likely have some free time, the school day lasts much longer, and there may be weekend lessons.


Whether this is a good thing or not, depends partly on the school, although lack of a home life of any kind for much of the year is generally undesirable although necessary for some — for example, military families.

Home education Home education is as good or poor as parents choose to make it A well motivated parent who is capable of providing quality classes for their students could provide an excellent educational experience.

A parent who lacks teaching skills on the other hand could provide a very poor education. Parents who home educate also lack the resources that schools can provide — even the wealthiest parents cannot provide a science laboratory, for example.

However, most of the resources that schools have —such as libraries — can be found in the community. Home educated children could easily become isolated, although there are home education groups that allow home educating families to meet and work together, providing children with a social life.

Even so, this will never be as varied as the social experiences provided by school, but it is also less likely to produce negative social experiences, such as bullying. Unless parents can pay for private tutors in those circumstances, the child could miss out o the education they need to fulfil their potential.

Article by Matt Parker, education and private school blogger.Many parents agonize over sending their teenager to boarding school or keeping them at home and sending them to day school. The issue you really need to address is the quality of supervision you are able to give your children after school and on weekends.

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Perspective on Day School vs Boarding School - Find out the difference between day school and boarding school or the advantages of boarding schools over day schools.

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The country’s ‘best’ schools are boarding schools – places such as Eton College and Bromsgrove School. Many of the most influential people in the country are more likely than not to have been educated at boarding schools such as these.

A school is any institution that aims to teach a student. A day school is the regular school, which students attend during the day. After the classes are over, the students return to their home, only to return the next day.

A boarding school, on the other hand, is where students live as well as learn. A boarding school provides education for pupils who live on the premises, as opposed to a day school. for the patient, the childhood experience between school and home.

Home school vs boarding school

Observations from clinical practice are substantiated by published testimonies, including those from established psychoanalysts who were themselves early boarders.

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