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Professors may ask students to write an essay as part of a mid-term of final exam, or to hand in extended papers completed outside class that have required substantial research in the library or elsewhere.

Current essays for examsmart

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His alarm clock had started ringing at seven in the morning and he had almost gotten out of bed before he realized that it was the first Monday of September and he did not need to wake up so early that day. It was Labor Day after all, a holiday that had been proposed by a Peter J. McGuire of the American Federation of Labor in This always fascinated the current Peter of our times.

He always took it upon himself to do something special in the memory of the man who gave the whole of America an extra luxury every year; a Monday off, which meant a long weekend. Even though he had no relation with the deceased, and he was not even in the similar line of work, he felt a kind of a kinship with the old Peter.

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He always felt glad that at least a certain Peter McGuire had done something right in this world. He had done nothing, he was the proverbial loser, but he always remembered that on Labor Day and always did something special in order to commemorate the great Peter before him.

He had not been there for the past twenty years; he had not seen or heard from his parents, and he did not know what had happened to his little sister.

current essays for examsmart

One day, on graduation night from his high school, Peter had suddenly disappeared from his town. He had not been able to tell anyone before running away and he was not able to call his house and tell his parents, or his friends, what had happened to him.

He had lived the past twelve years in New York City, working odd jobs until he won a sizeable lottery, which enabled him to open up his own music store. He had been eighteen when he had run away, and was now thirty-eight years old.

His business was dwindling and he was extremely unhappy with his life. Yet he persisted, year after year, waiting for Labor Day so that he can truly feel alive.

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He wondered how many people knew that Labor Day was established because his namesake had started it. He felt somewhat awkward when he stepped out of the train and onto the steps of the train station in Virginia. He had not been here over the past twenty years and he was unsure as to how he would be welcomed or unwelcomed at home.

He did not even know if his home would still be there, if his parents were alive, or his sister still in town. Waving aside these feelings of doubt and uncertainty, he purposefully made his way up to the neighborhood where his house used to be located. All sorts of memories started to come back to him as he walked past the municipal building, the library, and his old high school.

Flashes of that fateful night zoomed through his head as he made his way across the road and towards his house that was coming up. What a horrific night that was, he thought, as he made his way across the pathway, and into Oak Hammock Lane, where was his house number.

Peter had been so scared that he just ran away from that place, without stopping at even his house to pick up any money. He just ran away from that place and did not stop until he had reached New York.

He had stayed hidden for these twenty years and had only decided to come back now because he had seen the picture of that murderer in a newspaper, saying that he had been shot in some mob-styled killing.

Peter had been so scared that he had never called his house or written them a letter for fear that the man will find out where he is and would hunt him down. It was only now that he felt safe, and was able to return to his own home. Most of the people in the lane were out, enjoying the warm, crisp air and the neighborhood barbeque that had been planned by the tenants.

Peter felt some goose bumps and butterflies in his stomach as he approached the front door of his former house and rang the bell. He had to ring the bell a second time before a small ten-year old boy answered. He was now not only the biggest loser in the world, but he was also utterly alone.Smart News Keeping you current first specifically designed to help its readers retain more information—a potential perk for students cramming for exams, for instance.

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