An analysis of the character of william shakespeares othello

Introduction[ edit ] Sonnet 1 is the first in a series of sonnets written by William Shakespeare and published in by Thomas Thorpe. The first mode of preservation entertained is procreation, which is urged without letup in the first fourteen poems and twice again". Though the idea that the Fair Youth and the W. According to Robert Matz, "Shakespeare transforms the sonnet convention".

An analysis of the character of william shakespeares othello

Student Answers devinrose Student There is no point nor benefit from reading this story. There is no true love, they are literally 13 and Just watch the movie. So I guess I think that learning Romeo and Juliet is good for readers to expand there perspective of things that maybe they don't normally think about.

Like if we tell someone we love them, like in Romeo and Juliet, would you actually go all the way to kill yourself if they were dead, or look like they are dead? Sometimes we say stuff but don't really mean it and books can help us understand how that if we really don't mean something don't say it because, like in some books, it can totally backfire on us.

Plus if someone rewrote Romeo and Juliet today it would be way easier to read because instead of "Romeo, Romeo, were for art thou Romeo? Were are you Romeo?

‘To Be Or Not To Be’ – Original text, translation, analysis, facts and performances

Then it would be easier to read and still have some culture to it. I also think that the reason that Shakespeare had everybody die at the end is so that the two family's could see all the pain that they were causing everyone inside and out side there family.

That or maybe he just wanted to get rid of everybody. Ok so probably not that last one but, maybe he didn't want it to be just another love story with a " The end" which happens in almost every love stores. So he could switch it up a little he had a lot of the people die.

That's why I think that learning Shakespeare is good.

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Were are you Romeo?. By studying things that we do not understand, we expand in what we do. Without doing hard things, we learn nothing, acomplish nothing, and there is no point. What do we do in every class every day?

Math, Science, History, all of it is so that we will gain a better understanding of our past, our future, others, and ourselves. Romeo and Juliet is a difficult story, but it does focus on problems that face teens today so pretty much anyone can relate to it in one way or another.

Also Romeo and Juliet shows you how bad things can go if they get out of hand and how love can actually kill joy and happiness, a thing that sounds ironic and impossible, but is very possible. Though it is slightly, partially fun in class to read it even though normally one wouldn't have a clue of what the characters are saying most of the time.

But at times you can understand that there trying to be joyful or downright emotional.

An analysis of the character of william shakespeares othello

I love reading Merrcutios lines because you never know what he's going to say next. Playing the devil's advocate is something teachers do well, no?

For sake of argument, here's a question for discussion. What is the point and benefit of studying Romeo and Juliet? The language is too difficult to understand, it's just another dumb love story, and everyone dies in the end!

Why should I waste my time? I love your critical thinking. As I started reading more Shakespearean literature, I started to understand better and better and even began to love it. William Shakespeare coined many words in literature still used today.

There is no other author like William Shakespeare out there. Not only is his style of writing uniquely poetic, but his stories are timeless. Shakespeare uses themes that are still relevant in modern day society. Does Romeo and Juliet's relationship not ring any bells?

Racism, prejudice, and discrimination still exists in our society and all over the world. Many kids are banned from dating each other due to their differences in cultural, religious or racial backgrounds.

It's amazing that Shakespeare wrote such a relevant story in such another time. These are just some thoughts on your question. Feel free to hit me back for more One reason is because the vocab used in the story.

Although we most likely won't need to use any of those old-fashioned words in our everyday lives, we may need to know those words as well as the style of writing for other literature written around Shakespeares time. Isn't it better to study this classic story with an English teacher than on your own, where you would get so confused and probably give up?‘To Be Or Not To Be’ – Original text, translation, analysis, facts and performances ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’.Read Hamlet’s famous soliloquy by Shakespeare below, along with a modern translation and explanation of what ‘To be or not to be’ is about.

Othello (The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice) is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in It is based on the story Un Capitano Moro ("A Moorish Captain") by Cinthio, a disciple of Boccaccio, . Shakespeare's Plays Before the publication of the First Folio in , nineteen of the thirty-seven plays in Shakespeare's canon had appeared in quarto format.

With the exception of Othello (), all of the quartos were published prior to the date of Shakespeare's retirement from the theatre in about It is unlikely that Shakespeare was involved directly with the printing of any of his.

Analysis of Othello by William Shakespeare. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste Your Time. HIRE WRITER. At the party Iago manipulates Cassio to make him drunk, for which he is fired. Cassio asks Desdemona to convince Othello to give him his job back and Iago uses this meeting to persuade Othello that Desdemona is having an.

Othello - The play’s protagonist and hero. A Christian Moor and general of the armies of Venice, Othello is an eloquent and physically powerful figure, respected by all those around him. In spite of his elevated status, he is nevertheless easy prey to insecurities because of his age, his life as a.

The point of teaching "Romeo and Juliet" itself (as representative of Shakespeare's plays) is that it deals with topics that are central and current to the lives of teenagers: love, parents, friends.

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