Academic vs nonacademic writing

History[ edit ] View from Memorial Glade of Sather Tower The Campanilethe center of Berkeley—the ring of its bells and clock can be heard from all over campus Main article: History of the University of California, Berkeley Inthe private College of California purchased the land comprising the current Berkeley campus. Because it lacked sufficient funds to operate, it eventually merged with the state-run Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College to form the University of California, the first full-curriculum public university in the state. Billings was a trustee of the College of California and suggested that the college be named in honor of the Anglo-Irish philosopher George Berkeley.

Academic vs nonacademic writing

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What you really want is a software engineer or maybe a computer scientist—a person. But when it comes to the MBA degree people talk as if you can just hire the degree. You can only hire a person. Ok so lets say you have to choose between hiring two people.

One is a great smart person with a good personality, but without an MBA. The other is a good person with an MBA. You want someone with business skills, so do you hire the MBA or the other person? But you want the business skills, so who do you hire? Lets do a thought experiment.

What if you could take the person without the MBA and give them a business education and then hire them? So lets say you find a way to implant all the information directly into their brain in some type of procedure that will take about a month.

Would you hire the MBA or the person that will take one month to bring up to speed. I think most people would agree that if it only took one month to give someone a business education, you should definitely hire the best person you can find and not worry about whether or not they have an MBA.

But this is all hypothetical right? It turns out that some consulting firms people who typically hire MBA graduates have tried hiring people without business training and given them a crash cours in business.

They do just as well and sometimes better than their MBA educated peers. Consulting firms who hired people without business degrees—some of them lawyers, doctors, and philosophers—obviously had to provide some training so these individuals could go out and give advice to companies using business language and business knowledge.

Apart from the fact that apparently it took only 3 or 4 weeks for people to cover what business schools take 2 years to teach, is the more interesting question: How did the hires without graduate business degrees perform? Internal studies conducted by the firms found that the non-MBAs did no worse and, in some cases, better than their business school counterparts.

Can an MBA be detrimental? Instead you need to hire the right person. This is the part that is probably going to be seen as heresy—particularly by people who have or are pursuing an MBA: It has been my experience that the MBA degree can sometimes be more detrimental than helpful.

Why do they want to work for you? The cost of starting a business was once very high. You had to rent office space, hire an accounting and payroll department, buy a telephone system, etc. Someone who is good at running a business can start one on a shoestring budget and look just as big as anyone else.

Computers are cheapa lot of software is freeand you can outsource many parts of your business as you go and simply pay as you go.Academic and non-academic writing each have their own specific readership, structure and style.

The contrasts between the two are evident at the word, sentence and paragraph levels. Academic writing usually incorporates a more formal structure and style and is commonly directed toward a narrow and specific audience. As high school cross country finishes up, many juniors and seniors are turning their attention to college applications.

Some of the more serious runners are probably thinking . After a single-center trial and observational studies suggesting that early, goal-directed therapy (EGDT) reduced mortality from septic shock, three multicenter trials (ProCESS, ARISE, and ProMISe.

Cheerleading Is A Subculture? - As soon as I found out that it was, I was assured that I would be writing my paper on this. This is something that I am very passionate about and a great pastime.

academic vs nonacademic writing

Helping the Student with ADHD in the Classroom: Strategies for Teachers Introduction. Affecting three to five percent of the population, Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common of the childhood behavior disorders.

ACCELERATION FOR GIFTED STUDENTS: A background paper created for the Portland Public School District Talented and Gifted Advisory Committee.

The National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD) 1 strongly supports comprehensive assessment and evaluation of students with learning disabilities by a multidisciplinary team for the identification and diagnosis of students with learning disabilities. Comprehensive assessment of individual students requires the use of multiple data sources. Thank you – I needed to read this. I have been ABD for 4 years and I was suppose to finish this year. But I saw the writing on the wall and there was absolutely no support at my school for the research I wanted to do, let alone career advice. Cheerleading Is A Subculture? - As soon as I found out that it was, I was assured that I would be writing my paper on this. This is something that I am very passionate about and a great pastime.

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